In selecting entrepreneurs with deep subject matter expertise and then adding a blend of the business building skills of Knife Capital and the diversified experience of a credible investor base, investees gain a solid knowledge foundation to scale from.


Knife provides market access and accelerates investee traction by leveraging a dynamic partner network to ensure that the solution to virtually every challenge confronting a Sub-Saharan African high-growth business is no more than three phone calls away.


With emphasis on each phase of the FMGR (Find-Make-Grow-Realise) investment cycle, Knife responsibly applies funding to take advantage of windows of opportunity for investee companies to close growth gaps and create sustainable exit-ready businesses.

Approach 5

We find and invest in companies that show  the potential for international success  with a deep technological competence.


Group 4092
Have a well-defined product and recurring revenues
Group 4079
Address a clear pain point of their customers
Address a sizeable market
Group 4095
Have impressive management teams
Achieve high gross margins
Mask Group 142
Have a clear governance process in place


Knife Capital’s distinct competitive advantage lies in its value chain approach to development, milestone-based investment, growth and exit of businesses. This is embodied in the firm’s FIND MAKE GROW REALISE philosophy.

The team provides proactive value-add creation from finding growth entrepreneurs, to providing business mentorship & strategic input through to a successful exit.

Knife Capital also builds high-growth technology enabled SMEs through its Grindstone Accelerator and fills critical gaps in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem through education and enterprise development initiatives.

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